What it means to be A Christian

Our congregation was one of those that helped launch the program in Washington County, so we have been involved since the very beginning. We got involved because we saw the need, and knew that the people of faith in Washington County, people of every denomination, could unite to make a tangible impact in the world.

I believe a fundamental task of any church is to live out their faith in everyday acts of service. Churches as a whole can be an incredible force for change and hope in the wider culture, especially when they set aside the stereotypical denominational in-fighting to unite for the sake of those in need. Our volunteers feel like they are living out their calling to be the hands and feet of Christ.

Family Promise is primarily a hospitality program. Much like one would invite people over for dinner, we simply invite families to spend the night in our building. This gives us the opportunity to walk alongside them, avoiding the typical pitfalls of paternalistic “we will help you” thinking. Instead, we simply offer hospitality and kindness, two ancient and central values of the Christian community.

-Matt Short