Singles Shelter



The Washington County Homeless Coalition has identified the need for a permanent solution to the issue of homeless singles as a top priority. More than five years ago a local homeless shelter for singles closed their doors and as a result the community has been left with a temporary program. This temporary fix was by no means a safe or sustainable solution to a very serious problem. As of June 30, 2016 the temporary shelter was shut down leaving Washington County with no available shelter for homeless men and women. The Shelter and Housing PROJECT will address this dangerous gap, bringing together shelter, meals, basic health services, and quality case management for individuals at risk of homelessness in Washington County.

The Leadership

The Singles Shelter and Housing Council is working on a plan to develop emergency shelter and supportive housing for homeless men and women in Washington County. The Council is under the guidance and leadership of Family Promise of Washington County. Family Promise has a history of safely sheltering and successfully housing individuals and families at risk of homelessness in Washington County.

The Need

A multi-use facility will help meet our community needs by addressing:

Safety- Immediate access to food and shelter
Health – Assessment and access to basic physical and behavioral health services
Income – Connection to employment opportunities
Family – Address situations to improve family relationships.