Staff Members

Helping To Bring the Community Together

My name is Sara and I’m the Case Manager at Family Promise. I have a background in Human Services which is the sister program to Social Work. I was unemployed for 10 months after being let go due to downsizing from a major national non-profit as a direct result of the current economic climate we are in. I had been searching for employment doing Case Management when the position was posted. I applied and got the job in February 2013.

I enjoy the duality of the role as Case Manager. On one hand I work directly with clients (children, parents, families, single woman) which can be inspiring, humorous, sad, frustrating, and fulfilling all rolled into one. On the other hand I work with a lot of community volunteers, from churches, organizations and businesses to individuals. It is awe inspiring to see a community come together to support one another. From donating a cooked meal, to time spent at one of our churches, to donating products/goods to one our clients in need our volunteers have been amazing. Humanity supporting humanity is a special thing and can be humbling and joyous.