Volunteer Stories

Showing Compassion in Dark Times

I have been involved with Family Promise since a committee of people first began meeting with the leadership of Family Promise in Manitowoc, WI. My church, Cedar Springs Church, has always had a vision of helping children and their families with housing and every day needs. But the model Family Promise provides does more than just house guests, it helps them attain goals that will get them back into society and be able to sustain an independent living.

Being involved with Family Promise has made me aware of the need for acceptance at all levels. These are real people who have fallen on hard times and just need someone to come along side of them for help and encouragement. One of the Family Promise guests was a member of our church. She was very grateful and when she got back on her feet she wanted to help by volunteering in the program for other families.

There are many ways community members can volunteer that do make a difference but Family Promise gives us another opportunity. We can reach out to the guest with the love of Christ. We say meal prayers and ask the guests if they have a prayer they would like to say. This is all just another way to shine the light of Jesus to people who sometimes see so much darkness.

-Barb Sauer