Ways to Help Family Promise

Congregational Involvement

Become a Host Congregation!

Host congregations open their building to provide a safe, hospitable shelter for the families in the Family Promise of Washington County program for a week at a time, three or four times a year.

To be a host congregation, your building must have:

  • 5 rooms that can be turned into bedrooms for the families
  • A room for the volunteer overnight hosts to sleep
  • A common area for families and volunteers to congregate, and kitchen facilities.
  • Showers are helpful as well.

The rotation of host congregations is set 12 to 18 months in advance, so there may be a waiting period before your congregation can be plugged in.
In that waiting period, partnering with an existing host congregation can be a great way to get involved and get ‘up to speed’ in how the program works. A partner congregation helps provide some of the many volunteers that are part of a Family Promise of Washington County host week.

Become a Support Congregation!

There are many ways that your congregation can help Family Promise of Washington County in a support capacity. Some of these include:

  • Financial support — donations are vital to keeping our ministry strong
    Partner with a host congregation to provide volunteers during a host week
  • Commit to providing — meals, bathroom supplies etc. on a regular basis
  • Develop a bank of volunteer services that members of your congregation could provide to families in the program

Contact the Family Promise of Washington County staff to find out more about the program and discuss how you or your congregation can plug in.

New Host and Support Congregations are always welcome to our network. Please contact us for further information by emailing Contact@FamilyPromiseWC.org or by phone (262) 353-9304.