Anyone at risk of homelessness is encouraged to contact Family Promise either by phone at 262-334-4912 or by completing a contact-us form: to access supportive housing services.

First call for help – Callers are asked a series of questions that will help determine what types of resources are needed. If homelessness is not imminent the caller is provided with information on affordable housing and referred to other agencies and resources that can prevent them from becoming homeless. Our goal is to help maintain safe and secure communities by keeping people safely housed or sheltered so they do not have to live in their cars or on the streets.

Assessment – During the assessment, the vulnerability of each household is determined. Background information is gathered on the family or individual. It is important to have behavioral, physical health, and family history on past living locations, previous or current job status, and any other assistance they are currently receiving. This information helps us develop an action plan that will move households toward financial stability. Upon completion of the assessment, the case manager will move through a housing decision tree with the client to determine their next steps.

Referrals – Households are referred to the appropriate service based on the results of their completed assessment. Households who are at high risk of homelessness will be referred to the Emergency Shelter Program staff. Households who are still in their homes at risk of eviction will be referred to the Homeless Prevention Program staff.