Housing Hotline Steps:

Family Promise of Washington County offers supportive housing services for individuals or families who are at risk of homelessness. To access these services, please contact them at 262-334-4912 or fill out the contact-us form. 

  1. First Call for Help - When callers contact us, they are asked a series of questions to determine their specific needs and resources. If homelessness is not an immediate concern, we provide information on affordable housing options and refer them to the appropriate resources. Our goal is to help create secure and safe communities by ensuring that individuals and families have access to housing or shelter.
  2. Assessment - The assessment process involves evaluating the vulnerability of each household and collecting background information on the family or individual. This includes details about their behavior, physical health, family history, past living locations, job status, and any existing assistance they receive. This information is crucial in creating an action plan to improve their financial and housing stability. Once the assessment is done, the case manager will work with the client to determine their next steps using a housing decision tree.
  3. Referrals - Based on the outcomes of their assessment, individuals and families are directed to the suitable service. Those households facing a high risk of homelessness will be referred to a Case Manager for Singles or Families. On the other hand, households who are still residing in their homes but are at risk of eviction will be referred to the Case Manager for the Homeless Prevention Program.