Rent Assistance Aid

In the past six months, Family Promise has helped a total of thirty-one people through the Rapid Re-Housing (RRH) program. RRH is a federally funded program designed to quickly house homeless individuals and families. This rent assistance program can pay up to 100% of a security deposit and first month’s rent, and then a maximum of 70% of monthly rent for up to twelve months.

For those women, men, and families who qualify, Family Promise conducts an assessment, contacts landlords to explain the program and then visits the apartment to ensure it’s safe, secure and the amount of rent is appropriate. RRH rent assistance money is sent directly to the landlord, and the renter sends in their share. During the time a renter is in the RRH program, Family Promise staff provide case management services. These services include visiting the renter in their apartment, setting up a budget and connecting them to other resources in the community. Budgeting is a major component because the renter will start paying a larger portion of the rent until they are able to pay the entire amount on their own.

Through this program, eight families and five single persons have been helped. The families are all single mothers, have a combined total of nineteen children, eleven age 5 or younger. We look forward to helping even more this year.