Shelter and Housing Services

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What is the Singles Shelter?
The singles shelter is one of areas in our facility available to individuals or single households at risk of homelessness in Washington County. It provides shelter to individuals age 17 and older. The singles shelter does not accept those with a recent history of violent crimes within the past 5 years nor  to any individuals who have sex-related convictions. However, we can still provide help through our Rapid Rehousing program or other housing programs.

The singles shelter is located on a 2-acre parcel of land purchased from Washington County.

Safe Shelter, Caring Staff, Housing Solutions

Homeless Services Shelter
The shelter has rooms to serve up to 14 individuals and will have separate common areas for each gender. Common areas offer laundry/shower facilities and a large kitchen/living room area.

Supportive Housing
There are four 1-bedroom units, each with a living room, kitchen/dining room, bedroom and full bath available for men moving out of shelter.

Supportive Services Space
This area, accessible to shelter and housing guests, is for case management, computers for job and housing search, training and meeting space.

Addressing Community Needs
Family Promise of Washington County, Inc. has taken the lead on opening a shelter for men and women who are at risk of homelessness in Washington County.
The singles shelter addresses this dangerous gap, bringing together shelter, meals, basic health services, and quality case management for individuals at risk of homelessness in Washington County.

  • Safety – Immediate access to food and shelter.
  • Health – Assessment and access to basic physical and behavioral health services.
  • Income – Connection to employment opportunities.
  • Family – Address situations to improve family relationships.

    The singles shelter is a safe place for homeless single men and women to rebuild their lives. It is staffed by caring individuals who treat the residents with dignity, empathy and respect. More than a roof over someone’s head; this program strives to move individuals from homelessness to permanent housing. Our case management provides the glue that holds clients accountable to work on their goals of increasing income and obtaining permanent housing.

Family Promise will work diligently to ensure individuals secure safe, stable housing and increase their income upon exit of the program.

How this project became a reality:

The shelter opened in February 2018. A comprehensive capital campaign was established with a goal of raising $1.5 million dollars. This included $1 million for construction of the 7,053 square foot facility and $500 thousand for two years of operating support. This will ensure Family Promise has the necessary funds to continue operations while an ongoing fund development plan is established.
This project wouldn’t have been possible without the tremendous support of our community.