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In A Time Of Emergency

A Promising Future

Starting over

Jenny came to Family Promise March of 2016. She was living with her mother and father who both passed away in a short period of time, resulting in Jenny having no place to live. At the end of March, Jenny gained part-time employment and began receiving income. When working with Jenny, it became known that Jenny was coping with mental health and had also lost her husband shortly before her parents, causing her to have a hard time handling the sadness and grief. Family Promise connected her with PSG Counseling service to help her move forward. In April, Jenny was given the opportunity to move into a Fifth Avenue Methodist Church sponsored Family Promise apartment and was very happy for the opportunity. Shortly after moving into the apartment, Jenny showed interest in looking for another job to supplement her income. In May, she obtained a second job at McDonald’s and then in July got promoted to Crew Manager and received full-time hours. Then on September 1st, Jenny became a tenant in a non-sponsored unit at Family Promise paying a full-month’s rent and continuing to meet with staff once a week for the aftercare program. Jenny joined Family Promise grieving the loss of 3 family members, unemployed, and trying to balance everyday life struggles. However, she successfully exited our program as a full-time employed, apartment renting, optimistic woman. Family Promise is proud of how far Jenny has come and we look forward to her continued success!