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Starting Over

In a Time of Emergency

In early November of 2012, Keri and Matt a hardworking couple with her teenage son Brandon, were suddenly homeless due to foreclosure and had to move out of their house of 8 years. To make matters worse, later that year Keri had two awful falls that kept her out of work due to recovery from surgery and with no insurance the family was in a dire situation. For help, they called the Wisconsin Residence Authority who put them in contact with Family Promise. The family found support and a caring staff that was committed to helping them find affordable housing. Through the rapid-rehousing program, the family was able to afford a nice apartment with Family Promise paying for a portion of the rent as Keri recovered from her injuries and the family recovered from the foreclosure. Keri and Matt are thankful for the continued support that Family Promise has offered through connecting them to the professional clothing drive and community donations. Currently, the family is doing well, with Keri gradually returning back to work. From sudden loss, Keri and Matt found a compassionate helping hand at Family Promise.